As the fellowship nears its end, it left me with a lot of fond memories and valuable lessons. I can honestly say I have come out as a better person, with a broader perspective and an amazing realization of my potential. I have also had the privilege to get to know some of the sharpest minds and gained new friends. In the beginning, I joined this fellowship just for the sake of it, with no intentions of it changing me as an individual, but now I can honestly say that this was one of the most necessary experiences for my growth.

Going in, I expected a conventional classroom, PowerPoint lectures and a ton of homework. Amal exceeded my expectations in every way. The whole concept of interactive learning through various fun games and activities was something I was unaware of. I am surprised to see how much I actually was able to learn through these activities. Even the talking and sharing part made me learn a lot. Meeting very different people with diverse backgrounds was the highlight of my experience. To hear multiple stories of their lives, their experiences and success was beyond motivational. Every story I heard made me connect to someone. Hence I can say that I made many soul connections during this fellowship.

One of my favorite things was when our Facilitators played “warm-up” games with us when we were low. My personal favorite had to be the “Prompt story-telling”. The fact that our facilitators cared so much about the fact that we were active and energized to gain the most out of the experience is something that’s so new and astonishing to me. It truly showed that they really cared for our learning and growing.

Growing is a word I have been using a lot. Maybe because via Amal I realized the importance of constant growth. Although I have always been a believer of constant growth throughout a life-time and Amal just helped me put my thoughts into perspective. One of the things I will take forth with me is to always work on having a Growth mindset. Among other things are the CV and Cover Letter writing and interview skills, which I’m actively using in my life. Amal also made me capable of working efficiently within a team, getting out of my bubble and sharing my opinions and ideas. Because of Amal, I am now open to so many new opportunities that I didn’t think I was capable of doing before.

As for the wonderful fellows I was surrounded by, some of whom have become my friends. I learned so much from them with their thought-provoking point of view and positive and supportive attitude. I really appreciate the safe space that was created by my batch. It was the kind of environment where I could share anything that I was thinking without any sort of judgement from either my facilitators or my fellows, something that is so rare nowadays. I have many of their contacts saved and I know many of them on a personal level. These people are those that I will always cherish as they remind me of this wonderful experience.

To conclude, I did have my doubts about Amal in the beginning, but I was proved wrong every step of the way. This has been an unexpectedly life-changing experience.